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Montserrat Roselló

Montserrat Rosello is a woman who’s Catalan heritage pumps like the blood in her veins. She is no stranger to the traditions, rich culture, and cuisine that is authentic to her region of Spain, she is truly “La Catalana”. After moving to the States Montserrat and her son David Xavier made it their mission to introduce diners to their culinary art.


From an early age Montserrat was taught the value of integrity, hard work, and consistency all of which are qualities that shine through her work. Montserrat is in her element when she’s in the kitchen but manages the restaurant with elegance and finesse.  We invite you to salute our chef!

Nicole Freitas

“It takes more skill to cook your own unique plate amazing rather than cooking a traditional plate what others expect to be their idea of perfect”

Growing up as first generation American Nicole was fortunate to have the best of both worlds, able to know and appreciate other cultures/food and appreciate how beautiful her own culture was. As a child Nicole would return during summer to visit family from her home country Pico, Azores Islands, Portugal where she grew up watching matanças from her backyard, spear fishing and dislodging lapas from ocean rocks. Nicole began working in the restaurant industry at the age of seventeen and fell in love with being in the kitchen. She began working at La Catalana under Chef Montserrat Roselló and enjoyed learning a different cultures food and traditions yet being so similar to her own. Soon Nicole decided to attend International Culinary center where she trained under Master chefs. Nicole now works beside Chef Montserrat and as a young female chef strives on creating her own unique tapas and pastry’s

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